eCall™ help

Info to the purchase of points

What is a "point"?

A point is the basic unit in eCall™. The basic price for an SMS is 1 point - additional Roaming charges may apply depending on the provider (see Roaming-List). Basic price for sending one fax message is 1,5 points (see Fax-Service), fax reception costs 0,5 point.

The price for one point depends on the account type and/or on the method of purchase and the amount of points purchased.

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Methods of payment

Various  methods of payment are available depending on how quickly you need eCall™ points. Select the fitting offer of points and click on your chosen payment method on the shopping basket.

At once

Within two to three working days

  • Invoice, or direct bank transfer online (worldwide, EU with inland fees,  see Regulations for CH and EU)